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Imagine being able to see what is going on at home, anytime and from anywhere.

What kind of difference would that make in your life?

The ability to tap into live video surveillance camera feeds can change the way you do everything, and elevate your everyday security. Adding video cameras to your home security system will give you reassurance that your home is safe and secure, giving you a peace-of-mind knowing you can view the inside or outside of your home at any given time, even if you are half a world a way. You can also use it to monitor your children, or an elderly loved one who is home alone to ensure their safety and wellbeing. The possibilities are endless!

Let General Security Services professionally install a security camera system, adding extra protection to the inside or outside of your home! Deter break-ins from evening happening or capture any events that may occur, such as packages being stolen from your door-step, a break-in, vandalism or even events within the neighborhood.

Have an existing security system?

What type of security cameras can be installed? Here are a few of the many examples!

What type of security cameras can be installed? Here are a few of the many examples!

With a General Security Services home camera system you’ll be able to:

  • View your home from any mobile phone or mobile device
  • Receive text alerts with captured video when someone enters your home
  • Confirm that your home indeed is being broken into, avoiding false alarm fees
  • Have the flexibility to choose a camera system that meets your budget and can add additional cameras at a later date
  • And most importantly have a peace-of-mind knowing you can simply pickup your phone and view your home anytime you feel like!