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Personalize your home and life with home automation.

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An intelligent home makes life more comfortable and convenient. Home automation products from General Security Services Ltd. make it possible to take care of everyday tasks using enabled devices, and streamline your life for better efficiency and enhanced security.

Have an existing security system?

What kinds of home automation devices are there?

What kinds of home automation devices are there?

What can you do with General Security Services home automation systems?

  • Enable and disable home security from anywhere
  • Lock your doors remotely
  • Have your garage open or close based on your location
  • Turn off or on light based on location or usage patterns
  • Smart thermostats save energy and learn usage patterns
  • Turn off or on enabled devices or appliances remotely
  • View live video feeds
  • Answer your door via smart video doorbells
  • Develop schedules for devices
  • Get real-time alerts
  • Gain peace of mind