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Make your home energy usage your ally, not your enemy.

In the battle against high energy usage and costs, a home energy management system is your household hero.

Isn’t it time for solutions that make a real difference? General Security Services Ltd., is the
St Lucia leader in home energy management solutions. We make it easy for you to get your energy budget under control and put those savings to good use!

Your home is filled with lots of energy using and wasting, systems and devices. Your money goes down the drain, wasted on over heating or cooling your home, as well as on energy wasted on lights, devices, and appliances on but not in use.

Why waste money running what you are not using? Get every system in your home under control with a remote home energy management system!

Have an existing security system?

What can a home energy management system include?

What can a home energy management system include?

What can you do with a home energy management system?

Schedule AC Usage

Have lighting turn off
or on based on location

Have energy using applications and systems respond to usage patterns

Save Money!