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Don’t leave a gap in your security! General Security Services helps safeguard your commercial, business, or domestic premises with technically trained K-9 security teams proven to be a valuable deterrent to crime. We’re local and understand your security needs. Call us today 758-454-3690, 758-454-3100.

Does your business do enough to protect itself? K-9 Security could be the critical missing piece.

No matter your industry, General Security Services K-9 Security can fill the critical gap that exists in most security plans.

K-9 security provides an intuitive, agile, non-lethal deterrent and response to threats. All our K-9 security dogs are extensively trained to ensure that they are safe with the general public, while extremely effective at apprehending trespassers, detecting various other threats and defending their handlers.

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What are some of the advantages of K-9 Security?

  • Speed. Dogs are on average five times faster than humans.
  • Dogs have highly developed senses and can hear, see, and smell much better than humans.
  • Criminals cannot predict what a dog is strained to do.
  • Dogs do not respond to fearful situations in the same way as humans
  • Dogs are able to enter situations that may be impossible or dangerous for humans to access.
  • Dogs can subdue dangerous suspects without further incident.
  • K-9 security serves as protection and deterrence
  • Non-lethal security
  • And more!

What are some common industries that benefit from K-9 security?




Event Venues

Commercial Properties

Educational Facilities

Construction Sites

And More!