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General Security Services protects your business with a staff of guards highly trained in a large spectrum of security operations. Complete your security profile with our professional St Lucia guards. Contact us today to discuss your options! 758-454-3690, 758-454-3100

Why have security guards? Professional security guards can see, hear, and act!

Nothing deters crime like having a human guard present.

While other security measures such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and k-9 security are all vital to your commercial security, only security guards can vary their routes, and react immediately and intelligently to any event.

In a critical security event, every second counts in determining its outcome. That’s why every business should consider implementing professional security guards into their security plan. General Security Services is a leader in the security industry, providing guards highly trained in responding to a wide range of threats, meeting all of the highly strenuous aviation security requirements.

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General Security Services guards are trained in:


Conflict Management

Assault & Battery

Caustic Chemical Attack

Gang Violence

Workplace Violence

First Aid