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Preparing for a fire before it happens saves lives and could save your business from devastating loss. General Security Services is the expert St Lucia businesses turn to for comprehensive and affordable commercial fire systems. Contact us today to discuss your options! 758-454-3690, 758-454-3100

Are 240 seconds enough to save the lives of employees and protect your property in the event of a fire?

A commercial fire can reach flashover, the critical point when everything within the room or structure spontaneously ignites can happen in as little as 4 minutes, or 240 seconds.

Without a commercial fire system to detect smoke and flame at its earliest stages, the chances of loss of life and the business sustaining significant costly damage increases. Now imagine if the very second your fire alarm system was triggered it notified you and the local fire department, initiating the swiftest possible response. How’s that for peace-of-mind?

General Security Services, locally owned and operated in St Lucia, has been installing fire alarm systems for businesses throughout the area for over 20 years and only uses the latest state-of-the-art commercial fire system equipment. From detection to prevention you can rest assured our experience and advanced technology will help keep your place of business secure and most importantly safe.

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Benefits of a GSSL Fire System?

• C02, Smoke and fire detectors protecting people and property
• 24/7 monitoring that gets notified the very second an emergency is detected
• Faster response time for emergency services which helps minimize damages
• Plus, your security system can also react in the case of a fire by unlocking all doors and shutting down your A/C unit which stops circulation